No way to mix, mix is the way.

There’re songs that are inspired by movies, movies inspired by novels, novels that are inspired by paintings and paintings inspired by songs. Creativity is an infinite circle where ideas mix.

The blank canvas doesn’t exist, there’s always a story to continue. Because creation is transformation. Ideas are not inventions, they are evolutions. Cultural industries, like the fashion industry, are built on remixes, from the beginning to the end. It’s not the history of a brand, it’s the history of humanity.

The only way is to make the everyday surprise us again, let the ideas mix, the products connect with each other and re-write their history. The story of earrings that want to be rings, rings that want to be necklaces, everyday objects that once dreamed of being simply a jewel.

Jane Bardot.


Who is Jane Bardot?

Since I was a child, I’ve had a great admiration for design and fashion. My mother, a professional dressmaker, taught me to value a job well done, the quality of the finish, or the importance of raw materials. Watching my mother’s hands, I learned that to achieve a good product you have to take care of the detail from the moment it’s manufactured.

Although I was trained in Fine Arts and a good part of my time was spent surrounded by cloth, my professional life was always linked to the world of design. Finally, art, fashion and design have become the pillars of my way of life, jewelry.

Because jewels aren’t simple accessories, they’re small sculptures with the ability to tell a story, as art would. And today more than ever, in a hectic and changing world, we need to commit ourselves to everyday life to re-write it and re-build a sustainable environment, in short, more beautiful.

María Blanco. Founder and Creative Director at Jane Bardot.


Our products

One thousand sixty four. It is the temperature at which gold melts and transforms into a golden liquid capable of assuming any shape. Like gold, ideas boil and melt, they acquire the ability to mix in a creative process where the unpredictable merges with the traditional, because the daring of an idea is useless without the hands of the artisan.

In our traditional workshop located in Madrid, those hands are those of expert jewelers. His profession is to model, cast, set or polish each piece made by hand, in an artisan process whose purpose is to create a high quality product for which we only use natural gems and pearls and noble metals, such as silver or gold.

In addition to respect for craftsmanship, Jane Bardot was born as a conscious brand, committed to its environment. For this reason, we work with local suppliers and local businesses that help us reduce our carbon footprint. That is also why we only use ecological paper in our 100% recyclable Ecobliss plastic packaging and containers. Because the best idea we can have is to respect the planet.

Diego Rivera. Founder and Marketing Director, at Jane Bardot.